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Proper Nutrition Keeps Your Body In Excellent Working Order

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Proper Nutrition Keeps Your Body In Excellent Working Order

Your body consists of precious muscles, joints, and tissues. How you treat them determines how well your body supports you, so you treat them well by eating a healthy diet.

You help prevent toxins by eating natural and unprocessed foods.

Your brain is also dependent on your diet for proper functioning. Commit to having foods that keep your mind clear and sharp. Vitamins are great contributors to mental clarity.

Consuming fiber helps you fight bacteria. Your daily diet contains several servings of fruit, vegetables, and other natural sources of fiber. Having these foods contributes to your body’s disease-fighting capabilities.

Maintaining proper nutrition means ensuring that you eat consistently. Stick to a standard routine for having meals.

Making the time for meal breaks also gives you a chance to release stress. When you allow yourself time away from your desk, you are refreshed. Eating foods that keep you alert and energetic contribute greatly to your productivity.

Although you can allow yourself to indulge in treats and snacks, keep those to a minimum. Overconsumption of unhealthy calories negatively impacts your mind and body.

Today, you know that healthy living begins in the kitchen. Your choice of meals is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. You can choose to make healthy choices in food so that you continue to serve your body well.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some of the information sources you use to keep on track with proper nutrition?

2. How does your body respond when you neglect to feed it well?

3. How do you balance nutrients from food with vitamins and supplements?

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